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Federal Work Study Program

FWS at Lourdes University is very competitive. When a position is available it is posted right here on this webpage. You can then click the link to open the job description. If it looks like a job you might be interested in just contact the individual listed in the job description for further details and/or an interview.

  • The funds come directly to you in the form of a paycheck. They are not applied to your bill. 
  • A work study position is not guaranteed. As the student you are responsible for searching for and obtaining employment.
  • In order to work as a federal work study student you must be enrolled at Lourdes University. If, for example you attend classes and have an FWS position for fall, but are not attending spring semester, you cannot work as an FWS in spring.
  • If you don’t see any positions posted, don’t get discouraged! Check back regularly as jobs are posted on a continual basis.

Available Positions

Animal Care, Clerical, and Teaching Assistant

Position Title: Animal Care, Clerical, and Teaching Assistant.

Department: Center for Science Education and the Environment                          

Supervisor: Dr. Christine Knaggs   

Purpose: To assist in various responsibilities that are current, and upcoming for the Center for Science Education and the Environment.                                               


  1. General animal care involving birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
  2. Maintenance of salt, and fresh water enclosures.
  3. Maintenance of outdoor bird feeding stations, care of garden (such as weeding, planting, and pruning), and pond.
  4. Light housekeeping.
  5. Helping with special educational events involving the community.
  6. Teaching special educational events.
  7. Daily clerical duties.
  8. Other duties that may be required.

General: If interested, send resume to Christine Knaggs at cknaggs@lourdes.edu.


  1. (This job is not always supervised) Must be a self-starter.
  2. Good work ethic.
  3. Works well alone, or with others.
  4. Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  5. Not afraid to get dirty.
  6. Flexible
  7. Dependable and responsible.
  8. Desire to work with children.                            

Pay Range: $7.85                              

Hours: Job spans a 7 day week. Occasional holidays are required. Hours are negotiable.                                               

Period of Employment: Summer 2014, with possibility of extending to Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Reading Tutor for Grades K-8

Position Title: America Reads–Reading Tutor for children grades K-8/Coaching Conversations

Department: Financial Aid

Location: Off site–work to be completed at The Padua Center, 1416 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, OH 43607

Supervisor: Heather Bae, Financial Aid Advisor, hbae@lourdes.edu, 419-517-8900

Purpose: To improve literacy for children in grades K-8. To identify potential risk/s and implement strategies that positively re-direct students back into their perspective schools


  • Supporting emergent literacy through reading, writing, and homework assistance
  • Reading books at group story time
  • Reading with individual children during free choice time
  • Creating a children’s book list for parents
  • Playing word games with the children
  • Assisting children on the computer with literacy computer programs/games
  • Supporting language development throughout the classroom
  • Creating lesson plans to assist other reading tutors
  • 1–1 Coaching Conversations


  • Must be sophomore, junior, or senior and majoring in Education and/or Social Work
  • Must be eligible for Federal Work Study program funds
  • Background check and fingerprinting required. Performed free of charge at The Catholic Diocese of Toledo (Lourdes will coordinate for hired candidate)
  • Required to travel off site to The Padua Center (Lourdes will provide paid travel time)

Pay Range: $7.95 per hour

Hours: 10 hours per week (including travel time). Schedule will be coordinated between student and supervisors upon hire

Period of Employment: Fall 2014 semester through Spring 2015 semester

Softball Manager

Position Title: Softball Manager

Department: Athletics

Supervisor: Jo Ann Gordon, 419-824-3897 or jgordon@lourdes.edu

Purpose: To assist the softball coaches with daily practices, team laundry and scorebook during the season

Duties/Responsibilities: Laundry, data entry, practices/workouts, scorekeeper during season

General: General work study rate

Qualifications: Self-motivated, hardworking and passionate about softball

Hours: 10 hrs/week during Fall semester and 10-20 hrs/week during Spring semester

Period of Employment: Entire school year (mid-August through mid-May)

Table Manager - Women's Lacrosse

Position Title: Table Manager

Department: Athletics

Supervisor: Paul G. Sieben

Purpose: Score Table

Duties/Responsibilities: Run score table at all HOME games for Women's Lacrosse

  1. Sit at table and relay to SID via walkie-talkie any player's number who committed any penalties, made assists, and/or scored goals
  2. Be available to relay any information from officials to SID/Scoreboard staff

General: We are required to have someone present at the score table at all home games

Qualifications: Responsible male or female student at Lourdes University. No lacrosse knowledge required. Some sports knowledge preferred.

Pay Range: Minimum wage

Hours: 6-8 home games for 3 hours

Period of Employment: Feb/March/April Spring 2015

Contact: Paul Sieben at 419-517-8867, or at psieben@lourdes.edu

Team Manager - Women's Lacrosse

Position Title: Women's Lacrosse Team Manager

Department: Athletics

Supervisor: Paul G. Sieben

Purpose: Manage team operations


  1. Wash uniforms after games/return to team
  2. Film Home and Away games
  3. Equipment management
  4. Help prepare team for games
  5. Set-up and break down of home games
  6. Misc. duties as assigned by coaching staff
  7. Ability to travel to away games will be required

General: A motivated, responsible, self-sufficient individual who can help manage/organize the women's lacrosse team and game operations

Qualifications: Female, Lourdes University student, non-freshman. No filming experience necessary, but preffered

Pay Range: Minimum wage


  1. Fall (4 hours for each scrimmage day (3 scrimmages)) = 8.5 hours total
  2. Spring (15 hours a week in season, 3 months/12 weeks) = 180 hours total

Period of Employment:

  1. Fall 2014: needed only for scrimmages (3), scrimmage days TBD
  2. Spring 2015: Feb/March/April

Contact: Paul Sieben at 419-517-8867, or at psieben@lourdes.edu

Learn More

What is Federal Work-Study?

FWS (federal work study) is a source of federally funded, need-based financial aid whereby eligible students can search for and obtain a job working on or off campus at a pre-determined FWS location. You can work up to 20 hours per week and earn a paycheck biweekly. Students who demonstrate financial need based on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may be eligible for work study.

Am I eligible for Federal Work Study?

To find out if you are eligible for FWS just file your FAFSA, making sure to check that you are interested in Federal Work Study. Then wait for your financial aid award letter from Lourdes to see if federal work study has been awarded to you. In some cases if you do not see FWS on your award letter you may still be eligible. Contact the Financial Aid Office (FAO) to find out.
If you have any questions regarding FWS please contact the financial aid office at 419-824-3732 or email Finaid@lourdes.edu


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