Special Conditions

Special Conditions Appeal

In some instances the information you are required to report on your FAFSA, such as your previous year’s income, does not accurately reflect your current financial situation.  The Department of Education allows a school to take these changes into consideration through a process called a special conditions (or special circumstances).

Below are a few common examples for which a special conditions appeal may be considered:

  • Change in employment status (student or parent)
  • Medical Expenses not covered by insurance
  • Change in parent marital status
  • Unusual dependent care expenses
  • Student is unable to obtain parent information for the FAFSA

This is not a complete list.  If you think you may have cause for a special conditions appeal, please contact the Lourdes FAO (Financial Aid Office).

Every special conditions appeal has certain general requirements.  They are outlined below.

  • Special Conditions Appeal Form (PDF)
  • Letter of request stating why you would like a special conditions appeal to be processed
  • Verification documentation
  • Additional documents that support your case for a special conditions appeal.  The Financial Aid Office will inform you of what information they will require.

The University is responsible for reviewing and approving/denying special conditions appeals.  The decision made by the University is not appealable to the Department of Education.

If you would like more information about special conditions appeals please contact the Financial Aid Office.


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