Successful Alumni and Students

Leslie Bailey

'06, BA, Accounting & Finance, Business Administration
Director of Operations
The Pinnacle and Central Park West

Leslie BaileyLeslie credits her parents for instilling in her the drive necessary to succeed in business. "Neither of them was able to attend college but they stressed the importance of getting my degree," begins Leslie. "They worked their way up in their professions and made their own careers successful."

Choosing Lourdes because of its close proximity to her home, Leslie appreciated the small classes, beautiful campus and class times that enable working students to pursue their degree. She also quickly notes, "I wanted to work, not had to."

Leslie worked her way "through the ranks" while holding a full-time job and attending school. After graduation, she was promoted to the role of Director of Operations and now manages 40 employees. "I learned from my mother how to be a manager. My mom owns her own auto transportation company in Sylvania. For being in a trade that is traditionally male-dominated, she has proven herself and knows how to make the right decisions."

Leslie urges young professionals entering the field to have professionalism, organizational skills and patience. She then adds, "It is possible to work full time or part time and still pursue your education — you just may need to take evening classes. In the end, it's all worth it and your hard work will pay off."

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