Successful Alumni and Students

Mitchell Mielcarek and Michael Tucker

Criminal Justice majors

Mielcarek and TuckerIn May 2012, the Toledo Police Department proudly swore in its 59th class. Among those taking the oath to serve and protect were Lourdes students and criminal justice majors Mitchell Mielcarek and Michael Tucker.

Graduation was a special day for the 39 recruits who successfully completed training. "It was definitely a challenge but worth it," offers Michael. "Graduation was very fun. Each graduate was able to get a photo taken with the Chief of Police (Derrick Diggs) and with their family."

Always desiring to be a police officer since childhood, Michael adds, "I didn't want a boring or desk-type of job. At first, I wanted to be a US Marine but that scared my family so this was a happy medium."

Mitchell was also drawn to this type of service-oriented career. After serving four years in the U.S. Navy with two tours in Iraq as a Field Medic with the Marines, he chose to become a Toledo Police Officer. While he says his time in Iraq was "interesting," overall he finds both jobs "always provide something new; and we get to provide a valuable service."

Their future goals are similar. Both hope to eventually be members of the SWAT team. In addition, Michael looks forward to taking the sergeant's test when it becomes available and Mitch has plans to eventually become a member of the homicide detective bureau.

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