Successful Alumni and Students

Nicholas Wohlfarth

'11, BSN, Nursing
Emergency Center Nurse, The Toledo Hospital

Nicholas WohlfarthNicholas Wohlfarth put the Franciscan value of service to work and benefited thousands. During his senior year at Lourdes, Nick established a volunteer pilot program at The Toledo Hospital (TTH) to enhance customer service in the Emergency Center (EC).

In his role as Supply Coordinator in the Respiratory Department at TTH, Nick was responsible for maintaining respiratory equipment, among many other duties. "I also took pride in making myself available to assist the respiratory care department team in any way possible and am very grateful for the team's experience and professionalism," he adds.

The Toledo Hospital has an established reputation for providing great customer service in all areas of its facility. The Emergency Center sees the highest number of patients in the northwest Ohio area and management is always looking for new and innovative ways to better care for patients. Having an interest in the workings of an EC, Nick realized as he was pursuing his nursing degree that there was an opportunity to enhance the customer comfort care experience due to the fast pace and high acuity of unpredictable patients. When he was elected Vice President of the Student Nursing Association (SNA) he was in a position to make a difference as the SNA is "always trying to think of new ways to better the community."

Nick took his idea to better serve patients in the EC and sought the advice of Brian Biggie, his supervisor at TTH and Mallie Kozy, PhD, Chair of Lourdes' Undergraduate Nursing Studies, on how to make his vision a reality.

With the guidance and support of his TTH supervisor, and the Chair of Lourdes' Undergraduate Nursing Studies, and the SNA, Nick, TTH and Lourdes created a volunteer ER customer service pilot program. "It was amazing to see so many of my fellow classmates pitch in and volunteer," adds Nick. "We had a strong team of 12 students from SNA who took time out of their busy schedules and the effort was definitely worth it."

The win-win situation allowed TTH to enhance patient satisfaction and the students were exposed to and learned about the inner operations of an emergency room. As Nick sees it, "Where else could we have an opportunity to help so many people in need and gain experience in this unique, specialized area of nursing? In return, we provided an open ear to patients and provided therapeutic communication to help make their visit to the EC as pleasurable as possible."

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