Successful Alumni and Students

Pam Zielinski

(’89, AAS, Occupational Therapy)
Licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Lutheran Village at Wolf Creek

Pam Zielinski

Pam’s associate degree in applied science degree brought her immediate career success. “My final clinical setting while attending Lourdes was at the former Medical College of Ohio. They offered me a job upon graduation, and I have never looked back.”

A people person, Pam is thankful that her job allows her to do what’s important to her – making people better. Her career has included providing rehab care in various skilled nursing facilities, pediatrics and adult psych settings. Her chosen career evolved after a recommendation from a friend. “I was a senior at Bowsher High School and had no clue what do with my life. Then my friend recommended rehab care and once I looked into the field, I knew it was for me.”

A mother of college-age students and a high school senior, she now enjoys watching them mature and choose their careers. The twins John and Jake are currently majoring in fire science and art at Owens Community College. The youngest Emily loves animals, works at the Toledo Zoo and wants to major in biology.

What are Pam’s future plans? Her professional dream is to become a massage therapist. When her husband Todd and she find themselves empty nesters in a few years, their personal goal is to travel around the U.S. in an RV. “One of the places we definitely want to go to is Alaska.” In 2007, the couple rode Todd’s Ultra Classic Harley Davidson from Maumee, OH to Palm Springs, CA. “It took us 6 days each way in travel time and we spent 10 wonderful days in sunny California. While we were traveling, I took naps on the back of the bike. It was an amazing experience.”

The couple met when Pam moved across the street from Todd. “I remember seeing him sporting a ponytail and riding his Harley Davidson. My immediate thought was that I would never date him. We were married within three years and I’m the one who approached him! He truly is the only man to ever sweep me off of my feet.”

Besides traveling, the couple also enjoys antiquing. When not working their day jobs (Todd works for the U.S. Postal Services) or watching American Pickers, they spend time combing the region for antiques and then selling them in their booth. They so enjoy this pastime that Pam even chose “garbagepickers1” as her Hotmail handle!

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