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Stacie Marquis

'11, BS, Biology
Graduate student, Master of Organizational Leadership degree program

Stacie Marquis"Regardless of your age, take ownership of your education immediately," advises Stacie Marquis. "Commit to the fact that it is your responsibility to find out what is required for your degree, how much time it will take to complete, how you learn best, what your weaknesses and strengths are (we all have them) and then seek out help whenever necessary.

"Lourdes is full of resources! Remember, you are here to learn about yourself just as much as you are here to acquire knowledge in your chosen discipline." Stacie has definitely taken ownership of her education and her future. Since 2002, she has successfully secured 10 scholarships and two grants to assist with her education, been named to the Lourdes Academic Honors and Dean's Lists, become certified by the Pharmacy Technician Board and the American Heart Association, and completed three mission trips to Mexico.

Service to the community is not a new concept to Stacie. From 2002-2004, she participated in three medical mission trips to Mexico. Each day, the mobile medical clinic would travel in a refitted old school bus to a different location and provide medical and dental care. "After much reflection," she adds, "I realized that serving the underserved gives back much more than what is 'perceived' as given. It was my privilege to be part of such an amazing team of dedicated individuals."

As for her success in receiving scholarships, she says, "Keep your grades up and never stop looking for scholarship opportunities! They can be anywhere. As a non-traditional student and single mom, I knew that I needed to perform well academically to be viewed competitively."

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