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Timothy Beehler

Graduate student, Master of Arts in Theology degree program

Timothy BeelerTimothy Beehler embodies moral and ethical character, and is also full of character! A steel worker by day and a musician by night, Tim aspires to enter a doctoral program with plans of teaching theology in the future.

As bassist for the Christian rock/worship band Canons, Tim is spreading Christ's word through music. In fact, the group has headlined Toledo's Exclaim! Christian music festival. "We've been playing as a group since 2009, but started out as a worship band with just me on bass and lead singer Dustin. At that time, our music was contained to a church setting."

Tim explains that one of the reasons why the group branched out into Christian rock was to reach a wider audience. "The music is just an avenue for conversation about faith. In a way, I feel like we are now taking a cue from Christ, who went out into the world to minister and share the gospel. His goal was to go beyond the church to reach and create new opportunities for conversation with others. I feel like in Canons, we are doing that as well, but with music."

Once his graduate degree is completed, Tim plans to take some time off in order to learn a few languages — specifically French and German — in hopes of entering a doctoral program, and eventually going on to teach theology at the university level.

He ultimately chose Lourdes' program because of its broadness. "When you earn a degree from a liberal arts school, you leave as a well-rounded person, having learned about different cultures, backgrounds, and social contexts.

I believe that the liberal arts help us become better human beings, and for my part, I hope it also helps me become a better teacher."

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