Guest and
Audit Students

Guest (Transient) Students

A guest (or transient) student is a student currently attending another institution who would like to take a course at Lourdes to transfer back to their main institution.

Transient students must apply for admission to Lourdes and provide a signed and completed Transient Student Form. This form should verify that the student is in good standing at a North Central Association accredited college (or its nationally affiliated equivalent accrediting associations). Credits are forwarded to the student’s home school upon the student’s request to the Office of the Registrar.

  • A faxed copy of this form can be used temporarily until the original arrives.
  • A grade of “C” or better (or Pass on a Pass/Fail) is required for the transfer of credit.
  • Students are responsible for requesting an official transcript of these transient credits to be sent to the Office of the Registrar at their home institution.

Ready to apply?

  1. Submit a signed and completed Transient Student Form.
  2. Submit a completed Application for Admission.

Audit or Non-Credit Courses

Students who do not wish to earn college credit for courses taken at Lourdes  need not apply for admission. Audit students may go directly to the Registrar's Office to sign up for their desired courses. Please note: No permanent record is made of such audits.


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