Accessibility Services

So that all students at Lourdes University have an equal opportunity for personally and academically rewarding experiences, the Office of Accessibility Services provides reasonable accommodations, support services, and auxiliary aids for students with disabilities and/or medical conditions. The Office of Accessibility Services administers accommodations for eligible students to remove barriers to full participation in University life.  Accommodations are individually designed and based upon the specific needs of each student as verified by our Office and as determined in consultation with the student.  Some examples include extended test-taking time, note-taking services, and alternative format textbooks. 

Disabilities served include, but are not limited to: 

  • Chronic illnesses 
  • Communication disorders 
  • Learning disabilities
  • Auditory, mobility, systemic, emotional, and visual conditions

Once you have been admitted to Lourdes, you should meet with the Assistant Director of Accessibility Services to discuss academic adjustments. The recommended academic adjustments are specific to your disability and/or condition.

We realize that circumstances differ among individuals. If you are having problems with your classes, your disability, and/or your academic adjustments, please talk with the Assistant Director of Accessibility Services so that adjustments can be discussed. It is important to address the small problems before they become large. Because you have been admitted to Lourdes University, we know that with your diligent effort, you can be successful.


The Office of Accessibility Services
SFH 109
Phone: 419-824-3523
Fax: 419-824-3753