Eligibility &

Registering for Disability-Related Accommodations

In order to receive disability-related accommodations, enrolled students should contact the Office of Accessibility Services to initiate the process. All information provided regarding disability-related accommodations is confidential. Because each student's disability and needs are unique, accommodations are assigned on an individualized basis after meeting with the Office of Accessibility Services. As such, necessary documentation will vary.

Once reasonable accommodations have been established through the Office of Accessibility Services, notification of accommodations is provided to faculty and staff to facilitate equal access. Students, however, assume a significant role in obtaining their assigned accommodations (please see Implementing Accommodations for more information). Accommodations are assigned on a semester-long basis, and it is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of Accessibility Services if there are any issues or problems with their accommodations. Likewise, students need to contact the Office of Accessibility Services each semester to continue services or make any necessary adjustments for the classes in which they are currently enrolled.


The Office of Accessibility Services
SFH 109
Phone: 419-824-3523
Fax: 419-824-3753