Alumni Association

I Dare You Fundraiser

Congratulations Aaron Nixon

Aaron raised the most money for student scholarships. Expect to see Aaron dressed like a baby during the week of October 27. Thank you everyone who participated.

Which well-known person on campus would you like to see do something wacky?

Would you like to

  • See Dr. Livingston dress as a student for the day?
  • Have your meal served by SGA President Joe Esposito in the Dining Hall?
  • See Taylor Maley dress as a punk for the day?
  • See Aaron Nixon dressed as a baby?
  • See Dwayne Beggs dressed as Richard Simmons?
  • See Coach Ham receive a pie in the face?

Come to the tables by the Welcome Center October 13–17 and put money in the jar of the dare you would like to see. The person who raises the most money will do his or her dare sometime during the week of October 27!

We also will have the NEW Lourdes for Life shirts available for purchase for $10 each. Funds raised from the shirt sale can be put toward the dare competition.

Lourdes for Life T-shirt