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Supporting Lourdes University is an important role of being an alumnus. As seniors prepare to graduate, we encourage you to accept the challenge to change the lives of future Lourdes students by participating in the Lourdes For Life Class Gift Campaign!

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Why should students participate?

There is a strong correlation between the most highly regarded liberal arts colleges and their alumni participation rates in the institution's annual giving campaign. Increasing our philanthropic support through this student giving initiative will help Lourdes continue to be recognized as an excellent liberal arts university.

No matter the size of your gift, please consider participating in the Lourdes for Life Senior Class Gift Campaign this year. Your personal involvement in the campaign will send a strong message to fellow classmates and show your Gray Wolf pride!

Your Lourdes Experience

Did you receive a scholarship or financial assistance while at Lourdes? Did you use the Academic Support Center or Center for Professional Studies? Did you gain knowledge from a valuable internship opportunity? Did you go to an event in the Den or another Student Activity? Did you use support services on campus? If so, then you benefited from Lourdes for Life.

Giving cordsCampaign Benefits

Members of the senior class who contribute a gift representing their graduation year ($20.14) or more will receive the following:

  • Lourdes for Life Spirit Cords to be worn at commencement
  • The opportunity to recognize someone (Faculty, Staff, Family, Friend, etc.) who has had an impact on your college career
  • Special recognition at commencement
  • Recognition on the Lourdes website and in the Annual Report
  • Photos on the Lourdes for Life and Lourdes University Alumni Association Facebook pages

"I'm already paying tuition, why do I need to give more money?"

Tuition covers a portion of the cost of a Lourdes education. Annual support helps fill in the gaps that tuition dollars do not cover. Supporting the Lourdes for Life Senior Class Gift Campaign is a way to say, "Thank you" for the resources and experiences received during your time at Lourdes.

"I can't afford a large gift!"

Students are on a limited budget, so consider a gift representing your graduating year. What a great way to leave your legacy at Lourdes University!

"My gift won't make a difference, so why bother?"

Regardless of the gift amount, your support and participation is what matters most.

Make a gift today

Stop by the Office of Alumni Relations in Regina Hall and make a gift: cash, credit/debit, check accepted! You can also donate online or use the donation form.

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Erin Hafner
Alumni Relations Officer



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