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Senior Class Donors

Big thanks go out to the students who've pledged their support for the future of Lourdes University!

Pamsie Alhadje
Alicia Allen
Nikki Alsip—In thanks to Holly Baumgartner
Olivia Barone
Angie Bergeon
Brenda Bierman—In thanks to Charles Bierman
Ana Bitz–In thanks to Tracy Bitz and Edward Bitz
Tiffani Blackman
Amanda Borton—In thanks to Teresa and Thomas Borton
Karen Brenner
Nancy A. Brown—In thanks to Virg, Marion, Jane, Clay, Chance and Lindsay Brown
Maria Bryant
Christina Burchett
Wendy Cole-Wester
Michelle Condon
Laura Coury—In thanks to Rama Kannan
George Cox IV—In thanks to Christine Miller
Kathryn Crabtree
Diana Croley
Meeghan Davis
Sherhonda Davis
Richard Dickson—In thanks to Patricia Dickson
Leslie J. Drane
Aimee Everly
Michael Fultz
Yetsabeth Gonzalez
Lerline Goodner
Juliet Halsey
Twania Harbour
Brandon Henry
Joell Hildebrand–In thanks to Sr. Adrienne Urban
Greta Holloway—In thanks to Edward Tschappat
Tiffany Irwin
Brittney M. Jacobiak
Melissa Janiszewski
Samantha Jaquay
Hanan Kashen
John (Jack) Kauffman—In thanks to Karen Roadruck and Deb Rathbun
Caitlin Keener—In thanks to Tedd Long and Deb Grenlund
Joseph Kest—In thanks to Sr. Ann Rita Young and Sr. Geruase Lochotzki
Kelsey Kinshaw

Christine Kovacs—In thanks to Jill Liebnau
Matilda Koyilla–In thanks to Eric K. Njiforfut
Darlene Kuhr
Mary H. Lee
Jessica Leffler
Marcee Lichtenwald
Michael Livingston
Chris Lockwood
Courtney Loomis—In thanks to Steve and Denise Loomis
Trevor Lund—In thanks to Logan Lund
Nicole Magana—In thanks to Alexandra Hernandez
Ali Mass—In thanks to Abigail Ann Mass
Kelly McIntyre
Heather McMahon
Cindy Meadows
Francis Milton—In thanks to Constance Conner
Pamela S. Mitchell—In thanks to Dr. Mary K. Robinson and Dr. Adam Hodge
Lawrence Moore
Christine Morris
Martin Murray
—In thanks to James Murray
Andrew New

Margaret Orzechowski
Sharon Parker—In thanks to Perry Parker
Angie Pauken
Nicole Peckham
Dawn Pine
Troy Poplawski—In thanks to Megan Hankenhof
Tana M. Powell
Victoria Prielipp—In thanks to Alison Prielipp
Judith A. Ramirez
Allegra Recknagel–In thanks to Karen and Dennis Recknagel
Dianna Roberts—In thanks to Arlene Gilmore and Dr. Susan Shelangoskie
Michael Roe—In thanks to Patrick Murtha
Laura Roesti—In thanks to Bridget Burnor
Christin Rogalski—In thanks to Kevin Rogalski
Lauren Rombkowski
Bonnie Ryan—In Thanks to Dr. Chris Boudrie
Laura Ryan—In thanks to Jeannette Rohr
Tyler Sanders–In thanks to Cheryl Sanders
Suzanne Saunders—In thanks to Dale Jones and in memory of Jackie Jones
Denise Ford Saxon
Courtney Scofield
Nicole Searfoss—In thanks to Ken Searfoss
Eleanore Sharkey
Monica L. Smith
Connie Smith-Fries–In thanks to Kristofer Fries
Kimberly Steele—In thanks to Randy Steele and Galen and Tina Stoner
Kathryn Stricker–In thanks to Corey Stricker
Michelle Taege
Holly Waingrow—In thanks to Dr. Patrice McClellan
Regnisha Ware
Colleen Weaver—In thanks to William and Elizabeth Weaver
Mary Wesley
Mandy Weslow
Michelle Witte—In thanks to Janenne Marcus
Tara Woodbury
Jeffory Zedaker–In thanks to David and Jane Zedaker
Michelle Ziegler—In thanks to her husband and children
Patricia Ziegler

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