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The cover letter should be written in standard, business format. Include your address, the date, and the employer's address. The body of the letter should complement, not duplicate, your resume. Its purpose is to supplement the factual resume document with a personal touch. Include why you are interested in the position with this organization, the skills you have that can truly benefit them, and specific examples of accomplishments that showcase these skills. Always make sure to thank the employer for their consideration and give them a timeline for when you will follow up.


A resume is a factual, verifiable and professional document. The document contains relevant information and accomplishments in an organized and error-free format. Because the resume will be skimmed in approximately 25 to 35 seconds, it should be clear, concise, direct and easy to read.


The interview is your opportunity to sell yourself. It is a business discussion; a give-and-take dialogue. The company is interested in your knowledge, skills, experience and achievements – can you do the job? They are looking for energy, your interest in the position, the company and the industry – will you do the job? Do you fit the job? To assess your fitness for the position, potential employers will use behavior and attitude-driven questions.


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