Meal Plan


Dining Hall interior

Meal Plan

AVI Fresh, which operates our dining hall, offers an expanded menu for all students. Our new facility offers a variety of meal plan options for students living both on and off-campus. Visit Dining Services for more information.

Meal Plan

  1. All You Care to Eat: unlimited food at each meal session in the Dining Hall. However, all food must be consumed in the Dining Hall. No food can be removed from the premises. Students who are ill can request special circumstances. No carryout available.
  2. All students living in campus housing are required to purchase a meal plan each term.
  3. 19 meal plan is required for first year students (27 credit hours or less).
  4. Meal plans expire each semester – unused meals do not carry over.
  5. Meal plans are non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone but the cardholder.
  6. No changes to the meal plan will be accepted after the freeze date for each semester.
  7. Flex Dollars: Declining balance funds can carry over from fall to spring and are then forfeited at the end of spring.
  8. Students with the All You Care to Eat plan cannot share food purchased in the Dining Hall with other dining persons.
    1. Violation of this will result in revocation of dining facility privileges, forfeiture of all declining balances and cancellation of the student's meal plan. Sharing meal plan ID cards with others is a violation of policy and also subject to revocation of use.
  9. Dining service is not provided under this agreement during the Thanksgiving, mid-year, between-terms and spring break periods.
  10. Students withdrawing from Lourdes will forfeit the unused portion of the semester dining services charges. Students who are suspended from classes, residence halls, and/or dining halls will not receive a reduction of fees in accordance with the above policy. Refunds will not be made for meals missed during the term.

Meal Plan Pricing Options

"All you care to eat" meal plans for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015: 

  • $2000 per semester ($4000 per year) 19 meal blocks per week: Includes $100 Flex Dollars
  • $1900 per semester ($3800 per year) 15 meal blocks per week: Includes $50 Flex Dollars
  • $1700 per semester ($3400 per year) 10 meal blocks per week: Includes $50 Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars: each meal plan offers flexible dollars to be spent at the Cafe or for laundry purposes at Lourdes Commons.