Safety & Health

Sylvania Franciscan Village Historic Campus Guidelines

Historic Campus refers to the original 89 acres of the Sisters of St. Francis and does not include the Convent Park Apartments or Lourdes Commons.

  1. Commercial transactions, commercial solicitation or distribution of advertising (including but not limited to product samples, coupons and flyers) on campus is prohibited without the approval of Lourdes University, Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania Franciscan Health or the Franciscan Village:
    Lourdes University Michael Killian 419-824-3730
    Sisters of St. Francis Sr. Pat Gardner 419-824-3604
    Franciscan Health Terri Rudd 419-882-8373
    Franciscan Village Sr. Janet Doyle 419-824-3533
  2. Weapons are not permitted on campus.
  3. Beginning July 1, 2013, the Historic Campus is a smoke-free environment.
  4. Staff, faculty and students are required to park in designated areas and display stickers. Parking next to Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel and in Umbria Circle is reserved for Umbria Hall, Regina Hall and Madonna Hall employees and visitors Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  5. In general, pets are not permitted on campus. Exceptions include assistant and therapy dogs.
  6. Walking the wooded paths and trails is permitted dawn to dusk. Maintaining a peaceful and reflective manner when visiting shrines and gardens is expected.
  7. Climbing any fence is prohibited.
  8. Bicycles are permitted on campus dawn to dusk. Bicycles are not permitted on walking paths or trails. Skateboards, inline skates and motor bikes are not permitted.
  9. Loud or disruptive music is not permitted.
  10. In an effort to maintain our beautiful campus, littering is prohibited.
  11. Recycling and energy conservation are strongly encouraged.
  12. Photography on the grounds and exterior of the facilities is permitted. Photography of the interior of buildings needs the permission of the person in charge of that facility.
  13. Alcohol use, apart from an approved event and private residences, is prohibited. Underage consumption of alcohol is always prohibited.
  14. Emergencies: In case of an emergency, call 911 and then call Security at 411 from any campus phone. If not using a campus phone, call 419-574-3861.
  15. Use of Facilities:
    1. Weddings are not permitted on the campus grounds or in any building including Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel and the Portiuncula.
    2. In general, the use of facilities requires approval of the person in charge of that facility. Sisters' facilities and Regina Conference Room are for internal use only. Questions should be addressed to Sr. Janet Doyle, Village Administrator. (See 1 above for names and contact information.)
    3. Scheduling of facilities and the campus, once approved, is handled by:
      Internal requests for Lourdes University
      and Franciscan Center
      Mickey Ross
      External requests for Franciscan Center Karen Hensley
      Sisters facilities, Regina Conference Room Chris Boratyn
      Queen of Peace Chapel Sr. Ann Carmen
      Rosary Care Center Lois Szabo
      External requests for outside general area Sr. Janet Doyle
    4. The person(s) planning non-routine events or events involving 50 or more cars, especially those occurring on weekends or evenings, is responsible to notify:
    5. For Sisters facilities and Regina Conference Room, separate work orders for set-up and take-down should be submitted five days prior to the event by the person(s) planning the event.
    6. The scheduler should be informed if an event is cancelled or a tentative date not needed.
  16. Directives for external groups using the campus:
    1. All groups and individuals must reflect Catholic and Franciscan values.
    2. No structural changes may be made to the grounds, e.g. closing entrances. External activities should not impede access to other campus activities.
    3. The grounds must be left clean.
    4. Where appropriate, reverence and quiet should be maintained.

Phone numbers

  • 911: Emergency (Fire, Police, or Ambulance)
  • 411: Campus Security (on campus)
  • 419-574-3861: Campus Security (off-campus)
  • 419-885-8902: Non-emergency Sylvania Police Department Number