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Graduate Student Association

Graduate Student Association

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The purpose of the Graduate Student Association is to serve those students enrolled in the Graduate School at Lourdes in the following areas:

  1. Provide a forum to all graduate students to discuss issues of interest;
  2. Act as an advocate to the faculty and administration on these issues;
  3. Select representatives to participate on university boards and committees as appropriate;
  4. Plan activities to enhance the lives of the graduate students and their families; and
  5. Update graduate students with news and information of interest.

If you would like to speak further with someone about the process or the organization, please contact Tara Hanna at or Jennifer Sader at


Membership consists of any individual currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Lourdes who is in good standing with their respective program and the University. All GSA Members are subject to the Constitution and regulations as approved by the GSA and as approved by the Graduate Executive Council or other such governing board of Lourdes.

For more information contact:
Tara Hanna, GSA Advisor

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