Campus Life


Lourdes is committed to preserving resources and protecting our environment



In the spirit of St. Francis, Lourdes is committed to preserving resources and protecting our environment.  The Sylvania Franciscan Village Statement of Principles on Care for Creation and the Environment provides the foundation for this commitment.


Since 2009, campus recycling efforts have saved the equivalent of 667 trees, 133 cubic yards of landfill space, and 16,077 gallons of fuel. Learn more about what can be recycled through our Campus Recycling Program!

Paper Recycling Program Results

  • 2011: 31,930 lbs recycled
  • 2010: 36,295 lbs recycled
  • 2009: 10,200 lbs recycled


When Lourdes built Russell J. Ebeid (formerly McAlear) and Delp Hall in 2007, it incorporated green components with an eye toward sustainability:

  • We were the first college in northwest Ohio to invest in geothermal heating and cooling in new construction 
  • Glass walls take advantage of natural light 
  • Inverted roof collects rainwater and channels into an underground cistern 
  • Collected water is used to aid in the irrigation of landscaping; remaining water is diverted to replenish the groundwater system
  • Interior and exterior materials were selected with an eye toward minimizing the long-term costs of maintenance and replacement 
  • Metals used on the exterior are recyclable

The new dining hall also practices green strategies:

  • Partnering with local farmers to purchase local produce and dairy products within a 400 mile radius, using only the freshest ingredients prepared daily
  • Having all used cooking oil picked up by an alternate fuel foundation so it is recycled and converted into bio-fuel; proceeds from the bio-fuel sales are donated to benefit further research
  • Utilizing a pulper in the kitchen to grind up food waste materials in water which are then disposed into a waste container. The pulper extracts all of the water and circulates it back to the disposal trough. The main purpose of the pulper is to reduce overall food waste and to decrease the contribution to landfills.

Acts of Green

Between Earth Hour (March 26) and Earth Day (April 26) 2011, the Sylvania Franciscan Village joined in support the Earth Day Network to help achieve the goal of a billion "Acts of Green" by earning 3,744 pledges!

Denim and Shoe Drive

During a two-week period in spring of 2011, Lourdes collected 214 pairs of jeans and 232 pairs of shoes to be recycled into materials such as housing insulation and playground materials.

Green Cleaning and Paper Products

In August 2011, the campus switched to Green Seal Approved cleaning products.  In October of 2010, the campus transitioned from automatic dispensers to Green Seal Approved hand soaps.  Additionally, microfiber cloths and dustmops, which can be cleaned without the use of chemicals, are now used throughout the campus. We use EcoLogo Certified paper towels and toilet tissue across the campus.