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Global warming and the hunger epidemic

We are all familiar with the devastating pictures of starving children from Africa. This terrible epidemic has come into our living rooms for as long as I can remember. The commercials claim that just a few pennies a day is all it takes to make a difference in a starving child's life, yet the epidemic continues. The latest estimated figure is that approximately 800 million people worldwide are starving and living in extreme poverty.

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The human toll of today's modern day slavery

A small article published by CNN on November 14, 2013 could have easily fallen through the cracks of acknowledgement for many readers who are unaware of the severity of human trafficking. However, the anti-human trafficking advocacy world caught it. After investigating a film company out of Toronto for over three years, law enforcement agencies from all over the world came together to make nearly 350 arrests and free over 380 children from sexual abuse and trafficking.

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The truth about human trafficking

We have seen it played out before. Young attractive girl out at night on her own, doing what every other young girl would do; laughing with her friends while walking through the city, admiring the fashion mannequin in the window as she passes by, smiling at the cute boy who returns her coy gesture. The two stop and exchange flirtations while prince handsome secretly plots his strategy of trickery on the attractive and unsuspecting young girl.

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