Who says one cannot learn anything from science fiction television? Lourdes University Instructor of Business Kimberly Yost, PhD, certainly believes there are lessons to be learned and shares these in her new book titled From Starship Captains to Galactic Rebels. Published this winter by Rowman & Littlefield, Dr. Yost’s book brings the principles of leadership studies to bear on popular characters from a quarter-century of classic science fiction television, examining how their adventures can illuminate the challenges of real-world leadership and the principles of love, forgiveness, and inclusion.

From Starship Captains to Galactic Rebels covers a full range of science-fictional leaders, from conventional heroes such as Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise to William Adama and Laura Roslin, the dark, conflicted protagonists of Battlestar Galactica. In her analysis, Dr. Yost considers emerging, flawed, and failed leaders as well as successful ones; women as well as men; and aliens as well as humans. Hailed as an insightful examination of how leadership is represented on the small screen, From Starship Captains to Galactic Rebels will appeal not only to fans of televised science fiction but also to those grappling with the problems of leadership, regardless of their species .Dr. Yost has been a member of the Lourdes community since 2007 and has served in various capacities including Graduate Student Advisor, Interim Director of the Center for Professional Studies, and Instructor of Business. Additionally, she is part of the graduate school faculty at Siena Heights University. Dr. Yost holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wright State University, a Master of Organizational Leadership degree from Lourdes University, and a Doctorate in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

 Portrait of Dr. Yost and book cover

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