Lourdes University is pleased to announce that Mark Robinson, Director of Social Work Field Education has recently releases a book titled Ingredients: A Collection of Motivational Ingredients to Facilitate your Every Success in This Journey Called Life. Published by Trafford Publishing, the book is available for purchase online at http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products/SKU-000672413/Ingredients.aspx,

Regarding his inspiration for Ingredients, Mark explains “as I looked back over my life, I saw that the development of certain ingredients enabled me to mature to the next level of development and likewise saw when the lack of certain ingredients inhibited me from growing beyond my present circumstances. I am not perfect. Every now and then, I have to stir up my ingredients, but the pot continues to simmer and I am not done yet. There are ingredients that still can be added by ourselves or by the Holy Spirit as we progress through this journey called life. I was inspired by the Spirit of God to write this book and hope it will help others achieve the success they desire in life through the development of their own ingredients.”

 Mark Robinson teaching at Lourdes

In addition to serving as Director of Field Experience, Mark serves as an Instructor of Social Work at Lourdes University where he put his passion for fatherhood into the development of a faith-based curriculum titled Restoration of Fathers: Restoring Fathers to Their Original Purpose and Position. Outside of the Lourdes community, he is known for establishing R.E.S.T.O.R.E. Inc., a faith based non-profit organization for restoring fathers back to the head of the family through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is also a member of the Lucas County Fatherhood Leadership Committee and serves on the board of the Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF).

Prior to his extensive work in the Toledo area, Mark served as a School-Based Mental Health Clinician for several years and designed, developed, and implemented a successful fatherhood program in Syracuse, N.Y. Mark. He was also team captain of a local chapter of All Pro Dad which he implemented at Lincoln Academy for Boys. Mark holds a master’s degree in social work from Syracuse University.