Last year, Lourdes’ College of Business & Leadership, through a generous gift from Board of Trustees member Larry Ulrich and his wife Kathy, established an endowed professorship in accounting. At the start of the 2014-15 academic year, Lourdes’ Professor of Business & Leadership Philip Fink, JD, CPA, was named the Larry and Kathy Ulrich Endowed Professor in Accounting.

Philip Fink, CPA, MBA, JD, has taught accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels for 39 years at both The University of Toledo and Lourdes University. He has authored 57 articles in refereed professional and academic journals. In addition, Phil has authored the professional reference book “Tax Guide for Acquiring, Maintaining and Disposing of Business Equipment.” Outside of academia, he has conducted accounting and tax seminars for The Andersons, Inc.; Cooper Tire, Inc.; Ford Motor Company; Owens Illinois, Inc.; Sauder Manufacturing Co.; the Stansley Group; Teledyne, Inc.; and United Health Partnership. Phil is currently serving as an editorial consultant for Lexis-Nexis in the area of taxation of property transactions.

 Portrait of Philip Fink

The Larry and Kathy Ulrich Endowed Professorship in Accounting was created to assist Lourdes in attracting and retaining accounting faculty who possess both respected academic credentials and extensive professional experience. The professorship will also support enhanced professional development opportunities for existing accounting faculty, expand CPA exam preparation courses for undergraduate and graduate business students, and establish and grow student opportunities outside of the classroom including study abroad experiences. A $2,000 renewable scholarship for an undergraduate accounting major will also be awarded every year.

“Accounting is the second largest major in the College of Business & Leadership, and therefore it is critical that we continually enhance and strengthen not only the course of study for our students, but also ensure that we have outstanding faculty to lead the program in the 21st century business world for Lourdes University. Naming Phil Fink as the inaugural faculty member to hold the Larry & Kathy Ulrich Endowed Professorship in Accounting recognizes a member of our community who holds the prestigious academic and professional credentials essential to this honored position and who demonstrates a genuine concern for all of our business and leadership students to be successful in the real world,” remarks Ryan D. Butt, JD, Dean of Business & Leadership.