Special Events

Celebrity Wait Night

Lourdes University hosted its 4th annual Celebrity Wait night on Monday, September 14, 2015 at The Real Seafood Company at the Docks. Friends, faculty, staff and alumni were treated to an evening of exquisite Italian cuisine while supporting the student scholarship fund.


We are grateful to our co-chairs Ann Meier and Sheila Jordan and all of our celebrity waiters for their hard work.

Ann MeierAnn Meier is a past board member of Lourdes’ Board of Trustees and an instructor at the University of Toledo.
Sheila Jordan is a long-time member of the Lourdes University Auxiliary.

Celebrity Waiters

Our Celebrity Waiters were:

Mary Arquette

Sr. Ann Carmen Barone

Barbara Baumgartner

Joan Bayer

Daniel Briones

George Brymer

Brian & Faye Darah

Norene Drewicz

Ernest Enrique

Ann Galloway

Anneke Godlewski

Tim Hanson

Mike Hart

Sandra Hylant

Daniel Johnson

Sheila Jordan

Sr. Joan Jurski

Diane T. Keil-Hipp

Genevieve Kirkbride

Bruce D. Klinger

Christine Knaggs

Laurie Thornton

Brianna Lievens-Pillbeam

Gordon MacRitchie

Karen Mathison

Ann Meier

Msgr. Dennis Metzger

Bob Moore

Patrick Murtha

Janet Robinson

Pamela Schaefer

John Weinberg

Carmen Wigmans

Kristina White

Kalko Zureich