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Lourdes College Online Narrative History Journal

Volume VIII (2009 to 2010)




The Best Narratives Written by Students

In HST 430: Historiography

Lourdes College

Spring 2009


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�For Glory, God, and Gold � the Virginia Company�

By Molly Sullivan



An Affair to Remember

By Kelly Waldbuesser




My Hero: Larry Doby

By Jason Logan





Stalin�s Great Terror:

Absolute Power, Absolute Madness

By Kelley Hassan




Tough Times In Toledo: 

The WPA Rebuilds a City, 1935 to 1941

By Michael Stockmaster






Lincoln’s Search for a General:

From Bull Run to the Wilderness

By Scott A. Collier





Henry VIII and the Break from the Catholic Church:

Malice and Manipulation

in the Pursuit of Power

By Amanda Salyers





Constitution in Crisis:

George Washington, Alexander Hamilton

and the Whiskey Rebellion

By James Fintel





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Chair, Department of History

Lourdes College

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