On Monday, September 11, 2017, Lourdes University hosted its annual Celebrity Wait Night at Real Seafood Company at the Docks. Over 320 faculty, staff, alumni, and friends gathered to raise funds in support of Lourdes University scholarships. Thanks to the hard work of our celebrity waiters and generous guests, Lourdes raised over $25,000! A special thank you to our co-chairs, Dan and Beth Carr, and celebrity waiters:

2017 Celebrity Waiters

Bob Arquette

Mary Arquette

Carmen Barbosa

Sister Ann Carmen Barone, Sister Barbara Vano, & Laureen Knueven

Dwayne Beggs

Kate Beutel

Dan & Beth Carr – Event Co-Chairs

Johnny DiMartini

Kathy Doty

Jeremy Fitzgerald

Geof Grubb & Bob Rood

Mike Hart

Lori Hauser

Sandra Hylant

Terry Keller

Maureen Kenney

Mike & Jennifer Koralewski

Brittanie Kuhr

Pat Kuhr

Gayle Lampkowski

Sophia Lloyd

Tony Lyons

James McGhee

Kurt Miller

Scott & Cindy Molitor

Rev. Ronald Olszewski

Gloria Stiles

Craig & Lyndsey Stough

Kaiko Zureich