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Jason Armstrong, #LourdesStrong Alumnus

Jason Armstrong Lourdes University Graduate 2016 Master of Arts in Theology   Love God and love your neighbor. It is a simple command but one that can be hard to find in its true form in the world in which we live. It may be hard to find, but, when one witnesses an individual or … Continued

Sister Judy Zielinski, #LourdesStrong Alumna and Sister of St. Francis

  Sister Judy Zielinski, OSF, MA Proud Lourdes Alumna and Sister of St. Francis ’67, AA – Liberal Arts Director of Faith and Values Programming NewGroup Media, South Bend, IN   Lourdes Junior College   I was a Lourdes Junior College freshman when the new Mother Adelaide Hall addition including the Planetarium Lobby was blessed … Continued

Alexandrea Hultz, #LourdesStrong Student

Alexandrea Hultz Lourdes University Student #LourdesStrong Marketing Intern   I moved to Toledo from Santa Cruz, CA with the intention of going to college nearby family. At the recommendation of a family friend who had recently graduated from the Lourdes Early Education Program, I decided to tour the university that had inspired so much praise … Continued

Sister Nancy Linenkugel, #LourdesStrong Alumna and Sister of St. Francis

Sister Nancy Linenkugel, OSF, DM Proud Lourdes Alumna and Sister of St. Francis ’71, AA – Liberal Arts Chair Department of Health Services Administration Xavier University   Being a student at Lourdes University places you in great company with other values-centered individuals who see what a Lourdes undergraduate education can do for you. We’ve never … Continued

Crista Lutz, #LourdesStrong Student

  Crista Lutz Lourdes Student   Hello fellow Lourdes students or hopefully soon to be,   My name is Crista and I am currently a junior here at Lourdes University. This is now my first semester in the nursing program which excites me very much. It’s been a long two years of prerequisites; however, I am now … Continued

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