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Summer Outreach Day 4: HONK

— Joe Walker So two things were learned today.  1. Everyone is afraid of spiders.  2.  I [Joe Walker] HATE slugs! Half of the outreach team went to Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky “H.O.N.K.” today to assist with waste removal and other general grounds keeping.  H.O.N.K. can be compared to a local Habitat for Humanity … Continued

Summer Outreach Day 4: Working in Neighborhoods (WIN)

— Alexa Burling My group today had traveled today in the morning to our worksite at Working in Neighborhoods. Working in Neighborhoods is a non-profit organization where they take homes and completely renovate them for low-income families and first time homebuyers. Our day began by working on fixing the fence in the backyard and ended by … Continued

Summer Outreach: Tau

Tau … it’s all about growth, change, conversion

Summer Outreach Day 3: New Furniture…New Life

— Ashley Erd Today half the group went to New Life Furniture and we worked with a very nice man named Mike. He was very informative, caring, helpful and just had a great outlook on life. Working with him, and his truck, we delivered furniture to two families and picked up donated furniture from two … Continued

Summer Outreach Day 3: Ingenuity and Opportunity

— Molly Green Today was a busy day for the groups! We woke up extra early to attend Wednesday morning Mass at the church around the corner, and we left for our sites not long after we got back. My group went to the Forrest Square Apartments and our drive was very short, so we … Continued

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