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Habitat 2017: Wednesday – Accomplishment

  March 8, 2017  Monaye Jackson For me, Wednesday was the best day of the week during Habitat so far. It was also the most productive. The team traveled to Sue’s and Mr. Sherman’s houses, and we accomplished a lot of different tasks involving yard work and power washing.  However, throughout the week, I believe … Continued

Habitat 2017: Wednesday – God’s Hands and Feet

  March 8, 2017 Anna Swartz We are going to Lucedale guys! Laurie put in our group message in October. I was so excited to know where we were going. However, I was more excited to be able to represent Lourdes University on this trip.  On this trip I have been blessed with being able … Continued

Habitat 2017: Wednesday – Gratitude

  March 8, 2017  Kylie Kerner I was not expecting to come in this Habitat for Humanity trip until Laurie mentioned it to me.  I did not have many expectations coming into this trip because I have never been on one before.  I am actually very honored to be able to come on this trip … Continued

Habitat 2017: Wednesday – Culture Shock or Culture Share?

    March 8, 2017  Joseph Walker The culture shock has been apparent to everyone on this trip.  Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with some of the women at the church we visited for lunch.  Though we sound different coming from the north, the women and I were able to relate to each … Continued

Habitat 2017: Tuesday – Trusting That Where You Are Is Where You Should Be

  March 7, 2017 Stephen Carl Much of our efforts today were focused on working at the Habitat warehouse.  The morning was a little strange in that our project leader approached me and requested my assistance throughout the morning. All was well until he gave me the reason as to why he wanted MY help. … Continued

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