Tau Scholars

Have you ever wondered what Campus Ministry is all about? Just ask some of our students!

From planning Soup & Scripture to coordinating the Wednesday Labre Outreach project, our Tau Scholars are the face of Campus Ministry. They provide a welcoming environment at the San Damiano Campus Ministry House, mentor new students who are interested in campus ministry, help plan our events and invite others to participate. Tau Scholars are an active part of the Campus Ministry team.

Are you

  • applying to be a Lourdes student?
  • seeking to grow in your faith?
  • looking for ways to develop your leadership potential?

Submit an application for the Tau Scholars program and be part of the team.


This May, three of our Tau Scholars will be graduating.
They were our first class of Taus and we will miss their pioneering spirit!

We want to take the time to highlight and congratulate each of them.


First, we introduce you to Mary Busse.

Home city
Toledo, OH


First enrolled at Lourdes
Fall of 2013

What was your primary focus as a Tau Scholar?
I have taken the role as the of multi-tasker. I do not have a main focus, rather I try and volunteer with all events. I have helped with Labre, Soup and Scripture, Mass & Fellowship, Ice Cream Socials, and other events that have needed volunteers such as the Sisters’ Gala and Farewell Festivals. (Mary has also served as our “Captain” Tau this year, helping with coordinating everyone’s schedules and keeping us all on task.)

What was your favorite part of being Tau Scholar?
Being a Tau Scholar means experiencing so many memories that make a lasting impression on your heart. It makes it difficult to choose just one experience. I remember starting not only as a freshman in college, but also as one of the first Tau Scholars for the program. We had our orientation and Izzy, Stephen, another student, and I were these awkward people standing around unsure of what to expect. My first impression when I walked through the door was how warm the atmosphere was in the house and Izzy talking about the large quantity of coffee she consumes a day.

Unfortunately, the other student was unable to continue with us after the first week. Izzy, Stephen, and I have stuck together, however, for the past four years. I have had ups and downs with my involvement as a Tau Scholar due to health issues, but also the overload of work and the demands that being a biology major/chemistry minor makes on you. I still found time though and always leave with a smile from my face no matter what I am doing.

If I had to choose an absolute favorite experience, I would choose the farewell festival of 2016. Campus Ministry and the Tau Scholars were having a cotton candy stand and the students needed to volunteer to help. One of the students and Sr. Barb was getting the cotton candy going, but it was windy outside. The streaks of cotton candy went flying through the air as we attempted to put it on sticks. Instead most of the candy ended up in our hair, our clothes, bystanders’ hair and clothes, and the ground. It was such a loving, happy memory that reminds me of family. For me, Tau Scholars are family. Families have these random, funny/weird moments that make us who we are. There have been plenty of other heart touching moments like finding God in my life and having the challenges to conquer after Soup and Scripture or seeing the smiles on little children’s faces while playing with them at Labre. Each and every moment has shaped me to the person I am today.

What was your favorite experience or favorite class while a Lourdes student?
My favorite class as a Lourdes student is a tie between general chemistry and organic chemistry. General chemistry I was able to take with Stephen and although the material wasn’t my favorite, taking it with Stephen made it enjoyable. He always made it fun and had me laughing throughout. The class was a struggle, but he made it fun. Organic chemistry was probably my absolute favorite class here at Lourdes because I thoroughly enjoyed the material. I found that I truly liked organic chemistry despite the fears that other college students informed me about. It is now an interest of mine that I might explore down the road.

What do you hope to do with your degree?
I plan on going to law school and pursuing a career in patent law so I am able to utilize my science background. I hope to one day be a partner in a law firm or to start my own practice.

Do you have a message for future students and Tau Scholars?
Enjoy your time here at Lourdes. I know it can be a struggle some times and you feel like you have been beaten down, but learn to take it one step at a time and breathe.

What honors have you received?
Dean’s List every semester and a nomination for the Chemistry and Physical Science Excellence Award.

What do you like to do as a hobby or in your free time?
In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my dogs and friends as well as listening to music, dancing around, and baking.

With what other activities have you been involved while at Lourdes?
I have been involved with the Future Doctors of America (serving as president for two years), College Republicans, LEAP, and dance team.

Do you have some last thoughts to share?
Breathe! Take time to inhale and exhale-enjoy the moments – because college goes faster than you think. One day you’ll be sitting here ready to graduate looking back at your time at Lourdes and if all you can think about is the mile high amount of stress and the countless sleepless nights because of homework, then you forgot to breathe along the way.