Have you ever wondered what Campus Ministry is all about? Just ask some of our students!

From planning Soup & Scripture to coordinating the Wednesday Labre Outreach project, our Tau Scholars are the face of Campus Ministry. They provide a welcoming environment at the San Damiano Campus Ministry House, mentor new students who are interested in campus ministry, help plan our events and invite others to participate. Tau Scholars are an active part of the Campus Ministry team.

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Our May 2016 Tau Scholar Graduate

Sister Martha de la Torre, SMR

Sister Martha de la Torre, SMR


Home city
I was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and my family lives there.  Here in the United States I live in the convent of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix in Riverview, MI.


First enrolled at Lourdes
Fall of 2013

What was your primary focus as a Tau Scholar?
To provide material related to justice and environmental issues to be used in the University as justice information for the students.

What was your favorite part of being Tau Scholar?
I like to do service in whatever is necessary.  I enjoy welcoming students who visit San Damiano.  Unfortunately, because of my commuting I could not spend more time in contact with them in the variety of events offered by the Campus Ministry house.

What was your favorite experience or favorite class while a Lourdes student?
I enjoyed all classes and all professors have been supportive in my classes.  I believe that this personal support would not be found in other universities.  Lourdes is homey and the professors are very interested in helping students learn.  I enjoyed also the independent studies “Women in the Bible,” the Philosophy classes, and the awareness of violence in the world that I got through “Enduring Questions” focused in Genocide.  But again, all classes have helped me to get more knowledge.

The staff, as well as students, always have a smile in their faces and greet everybody.  This makes me feel I am at home.  They are always willing to help when there is something that is needed or if there is a class that it is not easy to follow.

I had the gift to be tutored by one of my fellow Tau Scholars and San Damiano was the perfect place to do it.  To say thanks is not enough to express the gratitude I feel for this experience of being at Lourdes.  I would like to be more present in San Damiano because I find that the ministries offered there encourage and engage students to look at other realities, like our recent mission in Guatemala.  The Campus Ministry with the Franciscan values contributes so that students can be sensitive to poverty.  I love that.

What do you hope to do with your degree?
I do not know at this moment.  To study in another language has been a challenge and I was focused just on doing that.  I will have the time to discern what will be the next step in my life.

Do you have a message for future students and Tau Scholars?
I can say that it is a gift to be Tau Scholar because it helps us to engage in service activities for others.  It is wonderful to have the Campus Ministry team that helps us to grow in our faith, whatever it is, without distinction. Being a Tau Scholar makes it possible to affect the lives of others and this is a step toward building a better world.

What honors have you received?
Since I have been in Lourdes – sometimes as a full-time student and others as a part-time student – I have been on the Dean’s List and the Honors List.  Also I received an award from Theta Alpha Kappa for my induction in that society and I was awarded one of the Campus Ministry Mission Outreach Awards.

What do you like to do as a hobby or in your free time?
I enjoy puzzles and listen to music.

With what other activities have you been involved while at Lourdes?
The only one is the Mission in Guatemala, which was a wonderful experience.

How did the Mission trip to Guatemala impact you?
After watching what The Valley of the Angels does in favor of children – especially in favor of the girls – I think that hope is possible and that it is wonderful to have this space that allows a change for the girls in a reality where men have had preference and who have maintained a “machista” culture.  After watching the girls studying and being prepared for a future living as well as being helped psychologically for overcoming their situation, I see that God is committed to these girls and boys in need and that their reality can change because there are people who believe that God wants life for all and who respond to the call of God to give life to those children.  To believe in God is to work in favor of these children.