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“How big is the Universe?” It’s a common question and not easy to answer. The Lourdes University Appold Planetarium’s answer is BIG, a planetarium show that takes a quirky and imaginative look at the size and scale of our Universe. BIG is an immersive journey to the farthest reaches of the known Universe, as far as we can observe. Along the way, we will visit exotic celestial objects and virtually travel at the speed of light. BIG brings a really big subject down to earth.

BIG looks at how we have started to explore the Universe beginning with space probes reaching out to our own Sun and the rest of the Solar System, then telescopes collecting the light from stars.

If it is difficult for people to conceive the distances to the stars. Then how about looking at the time it has taken for the light from these distant objects to reach us? BIG travels through time, back through the hours, years, decades and millennia to the times and places from whence the light that our telescopes are collecting came. As it travels, it visits nebulae, globular clusters, galaxies and black holes.


All shows are at 7:30 p.m.

  • Saturdays, January 16, 30; and February 20, 27
  • Fridays, February 19, 26

The planetarium offers shows open to the public throughout the academic year on select Saturday nights.

Admission Prices:

$5 for adults
$4 for children 12 and under and members of the Lourdes community.

Reservations are recommended.

Please call 419-517-8897 or email

Directions to Lourdes

  • From US-23 take Exit #234 – the first (or last) exit in Ohio – (Rt.51/184 east-Sylvania)
  • Turn left (west) onto Monroe Street and continue .6 miles to Main Street (Key Bank is on the right)
  • Turn left (south) onto Main Street and continue on Main for .5 miles to Convent Boulevard
  • Turn right (west) onto Convent Boulevard and continue for .3 miles
  • Turn right at the Lourdes University driveway – 6832 Convent Boulevard.

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