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Please join us the third Friday of every month for engaging talks on a wide range of topics.


Healing the Hate
January 20

President Obama has called for reconciliation and healing after the results of the November election. Yet both sides persist in slinging angry accusations at each other, accusing the opposing party of rigging the election and engaging in acts of violence against supporters. How can a divided electorate learn to live with each other when they see the world from such entirely different perspectives? Join Dr. Dale Lanigan, Chair of the Sociology & Criminal Justice Program and Thomas Estrella, Associate Professor of Psychology for a vibrant dialog and discussion on how to move forward in these troubling times. Are we as divided as we appear to be? Was the founding fathers’ vision of a divided government a wise one or should changes be made to better reflect modern realities (e.g. eliminate the electoral college)?


Defending Your Healthcare Against Electronic Bandits
February 17

Reforms and technologies intended to bring healthcare into the electronic age have fostered the emergence of a new marketplace and bandits are racing to cash in on. With the gold rush on, the wild-wild west has returned. It’s not a matter of if but when the bandits will see you as their next bank to hit. So, it’s time to circle the wagons and defend the homestead against this growing epidemic. Margaret Diehl (MSN, MSIA, CISSP, RN) became interested in technology security in the 1990s when the bandits began using the internet to reach into people’s lives. Her transition into healthcare started shortly after Katrina when it was foreseen the next siege would occur in healthcare. Using her rare blend of backgrounds as an experienced registered nurse and certified computer professional, Margaret offers session attendees a unique, insiders perspective on how this epidemic evolved, why it is targeting healthcare, in particular seniors, and what you can do to immunize yourself against it.


Visual Literacy: The Art of Seeing
March 17

Every day we are bombard with so much information that our senses – our vision in particular – exist in a constant state of overload. Being able to identify, interpret, and act upon visual information is more crucial than ever in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Join Mike Deetsch as he provides a brief introduction to the concept of Visual Literacy and how the Toledo Museum of Art uses its collection to teach this ever important skillset. Mr. Deetsch is the Director of Education and Engagement, overseeing the docent program, art classes and museum curriculum.


Lighthouses Along the Rivers of Steel
April 21

Take an engaging look at one of America’s most recognizable and endearing building types, the train depot. For most cities the depot was the center of commerce, information and transportation. Created across America by the railroad companies, this first corporate building type oftentimes became the landmark identity of the community it served. Travel through time from the earliest utilitarian depots of the 1850s to the grand terminals at the peak of passenger service with preservation architects/planners Ron Campbell and Jackie Hoist. Recall the memories and explore the future legacy of these ‘lighthouses’ along the rivers of steel. Ron Campbell and Jackie Hoist are members of the American Institute of Architects and authors of a book on historical train depots.


Why a Vibrant Downtown Toledo is Important to the Entire Toledo Region
May 12

The connections between sports, business, and our community will be discussed by Joseph D. Napoli, President and CEO of the Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club, Toledo Walleye Hockey Club and Hensville. Raised in Brooklyn, Joe’s twenty-five year career in sports began with the Canton Indians after which he worked with the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Tigers. Joe came to Toledo to embark on several developments in downtown Toledo including Fifth Third Field, the Toledo Walleye and Huntington Center. In April of 2016 the Hens opened “Hensville” the redevelopment of three historic buildings and Hensville Festival Park.