BS- Business Administration Photo


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Total credit hours: 120

Required Curriculum

All Bachelor of Science Business majors must complete Lourdes University Core and General Education requirements (41-42 credit hours) with the following specifications.

MTH 212 Statistics

Students who complete any Bachelor of Science Business major are required to take the following courses marked with an asterisk (*) to fulfill both a core course and a business core course requirement.

BUS 430* Business Ethics

Cultural Diversity
BUS 320* International Business

Students who complete any Bachelor of Science Business major are required to take one of the following courses to fulfill both a general education and a business core course requirement:

Social Science
BUS 254* Macroeconomics or
BUS 255* Microeconomics

Business Core Requirements 
BUS 101 Business Principles
CMP 111 Communication & Search Applications
CMP 211 Spreadsheet & Database Applications
BUS 201 Accounting I
BUS 202 Accounting II
BUS 203 Management Concepts
BUS 204 Marketing Concepts
BUS 235 Business Communications
BUS 254* Macroeconomics
BUS 255* Microeconomics
BUS 304 Corporate Finance
BUS 320 International Business
BUS 330 Legal Environment of Business
BUS 340 Business Internship
BUS 430* Business Ethics
BUS 490 Capstone: Business Policy

Allied Requirements (6 credit hours)
MTH 111 Fundamental Concepts of Math II
ENG 352 Professional Writing

Business Administration Major Requirements (15 credit hours)
ACC 302 Managerial Accounting
BUS 413 Organizational Behavior & Development
MKT 335 Marketing Management

Business Administration Elective (choice of two courses below) (6 credit hours)
BUS 300 Small Business Management
BUS 303 Women in Management
BUS 310 Human Resource Management
BUS 400 Entrepreneurship
BUS 423 Leadership Seminar
BUS 434 Operations Management
BUS 299/499 Management Related Topics Course
HCA 424 Health Care Management
MKT 447 Sales Management