Matthew Olsavsky

Bachelor of Science

Note: This program is no longer accepting new students.

Environmental scientists enlighten our understanding of how the natural world works. They are the champions of the environment and are often found conducting important research, cleaning up polluted areas, and assisting companies reduce their waste. Whether your career goal is to become a horticulturist, oceanographer, meteorologist, microbiologist, archaeologist, or ecologist, a Lourdes University bachelor’s degree in environmental science is the stepping stone to pursuing your advanced studies.

As an environmental science student, you will benefit from an interdisciplinary study of human interactions with the environment. Working with faculty and your fellow students, you will combine information from different biological and physical science fields to understand the impact of technology on the natural environment and the implications for the future survival of the planet. Outside the classroom, you will enjoy hands-on experience restoring prairie lands, building and enhancing an outdoor environmental science lab, conducting water testing, and cleaning streams and rivers.

Become a member of the Biology and Environmental Science, Future Doctors of America, and Social Science student organizations. Apply for a paid internship and network with environmental scientists currently working in the field.

Learn more about the Lourdes environmental science and biology programs as well as the College of Arts and Sciences. Begin making a positive difference.