LPN to BSN Photo


The LPN to BSN program includes core and general education courses required for graduation from Lourdes University and prerequisite and support courses from the pre-licensure program. Each applicant’s LPN transcript will be reviewed to evaluate prior academic activities. Please note the differences identified below.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Total credit hours: 125

Required Curriculum for LPN Students

NUR 252 LPN Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing*
NUR 260 Population Focused Nursing
NUR 265 Integrated Clinical I**
NUR 300 Foundations for Evidence Based Practice
NUR 305 Pharmacology for Nursing
NUR 330 Mental Health Nursing
NUR 335 Integrated Clinical II***
NUR 350 Nursing Care of Families with Children
NUR 360 Nursing Care of Childbearing Families
NUR 365 Integrated Clinical III***
NUR 370 Acute Nursing Care
NUR 430 Clinical Nursing Leadership
NUR 435 Integrated Clinical IV****
NUR 440 Advanced Nursing Care
NUR 485 Complex Nursing Care
NUR 490 Capstone Professional Nursing
NUR 495 Practicum in Professional Nursing

* Prior Learning credit = student will earn 3 prior learning credits for NUR 250 and 3 prior learning credits for NUR 320 at successful completion of NUR 252.

** Prior Learning credit = student will earn 1 prior learning credit for NUR 265 at successful completion of NUR 265.

*** Prior Learning credit= student will earn 2 prior learning credits for NUR 335 at the successful completion of NUR 335 and 2 prior learning credits for NUR 365 at successful completion of NUR 365.

**** Prior Learning credit= Student will earn 3 prior learning credits for NUR 435 after successful completion of NUR 435.

Transcription fee applies.