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Bachelor of Science in Biology: Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration

Total credit hours: 122

Required Curriculum

Core and General Education Requirements (39 credit hours)

Students majoring in biology can take the following courses marked with an asterisk (*) to fulfill both general education and major requirements

Core Requirements 
BIO/BIL 201* Principles of Biology
BIO 202/BIL 202 Principles of Biology II
BIO/BIL 307 Cell Biology
BIO 317 Principles of Ecology
BIO/BIL 308 Genetics
BIO 335/BIL 335 General Microbiology
BIO 402 Introduction to Research
BIO 490 9 Biology Seminar

Allied Requirements (33 credit hours)
CHM/CHL 181, 182* General College Chemistry I, II
CHM/CHL 301/302 Organic Chemistry I, II
PHS 202/202 College Physics
MTH 135 Analytical Geometry and Calculus I
MTH 212 Statistics

Electives (23 credit hours)