Cheri Budzynski

Total credit hours: 120

Required Curriculum

Core and General Education for Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree (41-42 credit hours)

Students majoring in Psychology can use courses marked with an asterisk (*) to fulfill both general education and major requirements.

The College of Arts and Sciences requires an additional 12 credits in General Education from the disciplines within the college for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Core Courses

PSY 110* General Psychology
PSY 105 Pre-professional Seminar for the Social Sciences
PSY 210* Developmental Psychology
PSY 222 Research and Statistics I
PSY 225 Research and Statistics II
PSY 310 Psychology of Human Learning
PSY 311 Cognition
PSY 312 Physiological Psychology
PSY 350 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 490 Psychology Capstone

Any five Psychology courses from the 300 or 400 level (15 credit hours)

Available electives (20-21 credit hours)