Megan Mosiniak


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Total credit hours: 123

Students majoring in Social Work are required to take the standard courses for the Bachelor of Arts degree with the following specifications:

Required Curriculum

General and Core Requirements

Social Work Major
SWK 111 Introduction to Social Work
SWK 205 Pre-Professional Seminar for Social Sciences
SWK 209 Multicultural Perspectives
SWK 210 Human Behavior in the
Social Environment I
SWK 218 Interviewing Skills
SWK 310 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK 311 Social Work Process I
SWK 312 Social Welfare Systems
SWK 411 Social Work Process II
SWK 412 Contemporary Social Welfare Policy and Services
SWK 413 Practice Oriented Research
SWK 418 Social Work Process III
SWK 490 Field Placement I
SWK 491 Field Placement II
SWK 492 Field Education Seminar I
SWK 493 Field Education Seminar II
Nine Semester Hours (9) of Social Work Electives as approved by Advisor

MTH 212

Social Science
PSY 110

Natural Science
BIO 204

Allied Requirements
BUS 251         Economics and Social Issues
COM 100/102 Oral Communication/Interpersonal Communication
SOC 101         Introduction to Sociology
PLS 122          American National Government

Available Electives (12-13 credit hours)