Pre Veterinary Science Photo

Bachelor of Science in Biology: Pre-Veterinary Science Concentration

Total credit hours: 128

Required Curriculum

Core and General Education Requirements (45 credit hours)

Core Requirements (31 credit hours)
BIO 201/BIL 201       Principles of Biology I
BIO 202/BIL 202       Principles of Biology II
BIO 307/BIL 307       Cell Biology
BIO 308/BIL 308       Genetics
BIO 317                    Principles of Ecology
BIO 335/BIL 335       General Microbiology
BIO 402                    Introduction to Research
BIO 490                    Biology Seminar

Allied Requirements (29 credit hours)
CHM 181/CHL 181    General Chemistry I
CHM 182/CHL 182    General Chemistry II
CHM 301/CHL 301    Organic Chemistry I
CHM 302/CHL 302    Organic Chemistry II
PHS 201/PLA 201     Physics I
PHS 202/PLA 202     Physics II
Biology electives (23 credit hours)
Elective (3 credit hours)