Nurse Anesthesia Curriculum Photo


Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 62-64 credit hours

Below is the required curriculum for those students entering the Nurse Anesthesia Program Fall 2015 or later:


Core Courses
NUR 600 Theory and Values for Advanced Nursing
NUR 612 Health Care Policy in a Diverse Community
NUR 622 Advanced Nursing Inquiry for Evidence-based Practice
NUR 696 Professional Proposal Design
NUR 698 Nursing Capstone

Nurse Anesthesia Courses
NUR 603 Basic Principles of Anesthesia and Lab
NUR 604 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia and Lab
NUR 605 Advanced Principles of Anesthesia II
NUR 606 Chemistry & Physics for Nurse Anesthesia
NUR 607 Pharmacology I (Videoconference)
NUR 608 Pharmacology II (Videoconference)
NUR 613 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology/Pathophysiology I
NUR 614 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology/Pathophysiology II
NUR 615 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology/Pathophysiology III
NUR 619 Advanced Physical Health Assessment
NUR 630 Clinical Practicum I
NUR 631 Clinical Practicum II
NUR 632 Clinical Practicum III
NUR 633 Clinical Practicum IV
NUR 634 Clinical Practicum V
NUR 635 Clinical Practicum VI
NUR 636 Clinical Practicum VII
NUR 691 Senior Seminar


  • Demonstrate appropriate scientific knowledge and psychomotor ability while providing anesthesia care.
  • Demonstrate safety and vigilance to protect the patient from harm.
  • Provide individualized anesthesia care to meet the needs of the patient.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and responsibility in the advanced practice role of the Nurse Anesthetist.
  • Utilize critical thinking and decision making skills to impact patient care.