Extraordinary Gray Wolves: Kelly Druckenmiller - The Rescuer

In her management role in the emergency center, Kelly leads a strong team in providing healthcare to 85-90 patients per day with all types of ailments in an efficient and effective manner. Other job duties include scheduling, running drills, drafting educational policies and writing and securing Ohio Department of Health grants.

Extraordinary Gray Wolves: Nate Kuehnl - Professor Whimsy Kuehnl

"I became fascinated with the story of black physicians and their struggles, triumphs, and everyday lives as medical professionals. Studying them opened my eyes to institutional racism within medicine that affected both physicians and patients."

Extraordinary Gray Wolves: Robin Ford Parker - Commander Earth Ford Parker

When not teaching future Lourdes graduates or maintaining the institution's greenhouse, Robin is helping to manage six park properties and their employees, conservation team, trail patrol and volunteers; providing summer camps and educational programs; and operating a CSA.

Extraordinary Gray Wolves: Melissa Pompili - Literary Light-Bearer

"I do my best to help along the realization that there is no one 'right' way to approach a text or only one way to think and write about the world that we inhabit. It is my hope that in this realization my students will gain confidence in their own abilities and innovative critical thinking skills and that they will see the potential they each have to create a new relation to their world."

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Extraordinary Gray Wolves: Michelle Thornton - Amazing Grace

"Our goals are steadfast – helping our guests sustain their recovery, gain self-esteem, self-sufficiency, permanent housing, their place in society as productive, working members and the opportunity to be reunited with their children."

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Extraordinary Gray Wolves: Softball Team - The Wonder Wolves

From proudly sporting the highest athletics team GPA to assisting with food and hygiene drives to literally giving their own blood to help save lives, the Lourdes University Softball team lives up to its "Wonder Wolves" super hero persona.

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Extraordinary Gray Wolves: Barbara Hudson - The Art Crusader

Barbara says that ultimately, she created the Hudson Gallery in order to showcase the many talented artists in and around the Toledo region, as well as to promote the benefit of art to others.

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Spring 2014 Alumni Pics

A slideshow of Lourdes University Alumni photos.

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Campus News Briefs - Student Life

A rundown of news about student life, including campus expansion, service activities, and student achievements.

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Campus News Briefs - Outreach

Livingstons host Christmas events and Duns Scotus Library offers leisure books.

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Campus News Briefs - Academics

New Scholars Programs highlight academic news from Lourdes University.

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Spring 2014 President's Letter

Spring 2014 President's Letter from Dr. David Livingston

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