For over 50 years, Lourdes College has given back to the region through countless projects, partnerships and initiatives. As a Catholic Franciscan College, Lourdes is proud of its heritage and values of community, learning, reverence and service.

Those values not only live in students, faculty and staff, but extend beyond to Lourdes alumni as well.

Today many Lourdes alumni members have dedicated their lives to continuing the College's mission of service to others through their work in the non-profit sector.

Gayle BurrerGayle Burrer
'08, MEd, Teaching and Curriculum
Executive Board Member, Partners in Education (PIE)

Gayle became involved with Partners in Education as a graduate student attending Lourdes. "As an employee and alumna of Lourdes College, my involvement with PIE has continued to grow and strengthen," notes Gayle. "The College as a whole has also shown great enthusiasm in becoming more involved with PIE."

This year, Lourdes developed a partnership with PIE in order to participate in their programs as an institution.

"I aim to carry out Lourdes' Franciscan values of learning, reverence and service through my involvement with PIE," adds Gayle. She is thankful to be able to share her knowledge of teaching with the community in hopes of increasing student achievement in the central city schools.

Dan GosbethDan Gosbeth
'05, BA, History
Service Coordinator, Madonna Homes

As a history student, Dan Gosbeth never thought he would find himself working in social service.

"I hadn't anticipated being in this role upon graduation; however, I feel blessed and honored to be here." Dan's primary role is to advocate for his residents to ensure that they receive the necessary services in order to maintain independent living.

Under his guidance, residents have established and maintain a variety of programs in order to build community and give back to others. Recently, Madonna Homes began talks to develop a collaboration with Lourdes.

As an alumnus, Dan treasures the building of this new partnership between Madonna Homes and his alma mater.

"Lourdes has brought me closer to my Catholic faith and taught me to pursue the truth and the importance of listening to others," he says. "As a result, I am able to listen to our residents and truly see them for who they are."

Matt HenryMatt Henry
'06, MOL, Organizational Leadership
Human Resources Coordinator, Josina Lott Residential & Community Services

As Human Resources Coordinator for Josina Lott and the future Chair of the Human Resources Committee for the Ronald McDonald House, Matt continually serves others.

"My personal mission is to enrich the lives of others and to fulfill their potential," he offers. "This is a mission imparted upon me while attending Lourdes."

"Choosing Lourdes College was one of the most beneficial moves that I have made in life," adds Matt. He credits Lourdes with teaching him to challenge himself academically and to help others as well.

As he points out, "Lourdes has taught me how to be a leader within non-profits and more importantly, how to bring recognition and awareness to organizations that serve others."