As a College, we look forward to the month of May. The days at the end of the school year offer us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our students and of our graduates.

We wish our new members of the Alumni Association success in their personal and professional endeavors and welcome them into a new phase as members of the Lourdes College community. We also extend our welcome and best wishes to all of our new students who have joined us for the Summer Session.

Summer is a beautiful time on campus. Students, faculty and staff alike can still appreciate the rigorous academic program while also enjoying outdoor activities on the campus. For anyone who has walked our grounds, there is no more beautiful setting in northwest Ohio than Lourdes College.

To our alumni and friends, I encourage you to stop by and catch up with friends, both old and new. Join us at one of the many activities offered including planetarium shows, summer science camps or just a walk on campus. Come spend summer with your Lourdes College community.

Robert C. Helmer, PhD, JD