Katrina houseSr. Marya Czech, SND, Assistant Professor of Biology & Health Sciences, and Sr. Jaculin Manders, SND, Assistant Professor of Education, traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana over spring break to work with teachers in Archdiocesan schools.

The project planned by the Archdiocese sought to assist teachers in the region still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

"This was a graced and fruitful experience for us and it was very evident that these teachers are determined to lead their students beyond the limits of the poverty and remaining destruction from Katrina that surrounds them," offered Sr. Jaculin.

While in New Orleans, Sr. Marya provided presentations dealing with science curriculum and methods to implement hands-on lessons. She also provided presentations to students as well. Topics included genetics, rocks, fossils and atom and molecule dances.

Sr. Jaculin's work with teachers addressed how to incorporate technology effectively into the various subject areas and how to plan lessons for single computer classrooms.

Sr. Marya secured a donation of 1G flash drives, allowing the instructors to distribute copies of their presentations to the schools. Future visits to the New Orleans area are scheduled.