Rwanda coffeee bikeMaster of Organizational Leadership student Dean Mueller challenged his fellow cohort members this spring to assist a farmer in Rwanda, Africa.

As part of his presentation on business strategies and social responsibility, Dean informed the class about the current state of Rwanda.

Still recovering from a 100 day genocide in 1994 that left nearly one million people dead, Rwanda today is benefiting from the assistance of Christian groups. Coffee farming is a growing industry in the country and the Rwandan coffee sector may prove to be a good resource for economic growth.

Project Rwanda, founded in 2005 by cycling buff Tom Ritchey, seeks to raise funds to provide bicycles to the Rwandan people. While coffee farming is proving to be prosperous, it still poses a challenge for farmers who need to transport the coffee from undeveloped areas to market. The bicycle is the best method for transporting this valuable commodity.

Dean challenged his cohort members to assist in this valuable endeavor and raise the $250 needed for a bike. Together, the cohort raised $340!