Kevin Bargar
'08 MOL, Leadership
'05 BA, Business

Business and leadership alumnus Kevin Bargar has climbed a road to success throughout his professional career – working first for the Dana Corporation for over 33 years, to recently making a move working for PACCAR in Bayswater, Australia. In a feature article in the fall AtLourdes, Kevin shared how he came to be living and working in the land down under.

Life in Warburton & Bayswater, Australia

A diverse population:
"Although the US has many different cultures, they can tend to be concentrated in pockets, which prevents people from truly encountering diversity on a regular basis," Kevin remarks of the difference in diversity. "I believe Australia is a more blended country.

"Living and working in Australia provides continuous exposure to a great diversity of cultures. I think this helps one work seamlessly with a diverse workforce – after all, the more exposure one has to diverse cultures, the more prepared one will be when working alongside that same diversity."

A diverse terrain:
Asked about his experience living abroad, Kevin says "Australia is a country roughly the same size as the US but with more than 250 million less people. I think this makes things a bit more relaxed. The state of Victoria has over a thousand miles of ocean coastline, mountains, desert and rainforest all within 5 or 6 hour's drive from each other. With a four-wheel drive you can get away for camping and not see anyone else for days. It's magical!"

 Australia infographic