Christine Krause spent her Christmas break assisting children at the Navajo Nation's Tuba City Boarding School in Arizona.

The Art History major began fundraising for art supplies during the fall semester; however, before she had the opportunity to travel to Arizona, her car was vandalized and many of the art supplies stolen.

While a student at Lourdes, Christine has appreciated those classes that have a service learning component to them. In addition, she has been involved in the annual Habitat for Humanity Spring Break Trip offered through the College's office of Mission and Ministry.

Through these avenues, Christine learned how important it was to her to give back to others. It is through this realization that she began looking for organizations that needed her assistance and found Amizade and its connection to the Tuba City facility.

After learning of the theft and Christine's personal story of helping others, Fox Toledo featured her fundraising efforts on their news program. The feature resulted in a deluge of well-meaning donations for the Navajo children.

"It truly is amazing how much support people have given," notes Erin Szavuly, Chair of the Department of Art. In total, Christine collected supplies in excess of $1,000 from Lourdes community members, public donors, The Athena Art Society, Dick Blick Art Materials, For the Love of Art and Orbis Ars, the Lourdes College Art Club.

Established in 1898, Tuba City Boarding School is one of the highest achieving schools on the Navajo reservation and is currently constructing a new campus. The school was originally operated by the Department of the Army and later the Department of the Interior.

Today, it is managed and funded by the United States Bureau of Indian Education. Even with the success of this school system, students are limited in their experience with studio art. Funds have not always been available to acquire the needed materials.

"This is what motivated Christine to appeal to her campus colleagues and the community as a whole," adds Erin, "to donate supplies that she could take with her on this journey."