The Lourdes community brings learning, reverence and service to life. In this four-part series, we will share our Franciscan values and how our faculty, staff and students carry out our mission.

Several new student organizations at Lourdes are taking the College's value of reverence to heart.

student organizationsThe Black Student Union, Equality Through Awareness, the Latino Student Union and Prism are leading the way by actively celebrating the diverse populations comprising the Lourdes community.

Since its inception in 2004, members of the student led group Equality Through Awareness have shed light on the variety of disabilities people deal with on a daily basis. Members of the group provide educational and networking opportunities for those in the community living with disabilities, while advocating inclusion for all.

Last October, Nursing student Shelby Majors worked with faculty and staff to establish the Black Student Union.

"I realized that there are many black students attending Lourdes but as a whole, we were not as active as we could be," notes Shelby.

"We formed the Black Student Union to bring students of color together in order to promote multiculturalism and community service."

The Latino Student Union also allows students to connect with one another and share their diverse culture with others.

"We've partnered with Latino organizations throughout northwest Ohio such as the Diamante Awards, the Spanish American Organization and the Sofia Quintero Center," says Marketing major Oriana Orozco, President.

Student organizations"Through our partnerships and activities, we hope to bring further cultural awareness to the area."

Prism is the newest student organization aimed at promoting Lourdes' mission of reverence. Implemented last fall, Prism has already held several events promoting acceptance for all persons.

"This spring, we hosted a day of silence in order to shed light on the many diverse groups silenced by discrimination," says Sheena Kadi, Marketing major and President and co-founder.

"We were proud that so many of the students, faculty and staff at Lourdes signed up to participate. It truly shows how the entire community supports the College's mission of reverence for all people."

"Growing into a Community of Reverence is all about our relationship with God's creation," offers Sr. Ann Carmen Barone, OSF, Vice President for Mission and Ministry.

"Our words and actions reflect our awareness of the dignity that God has given to each person, to each creature. Only when they are authentic can we appreciate, share and protect the talents and resources available through our diversity."