Education and Theology Instructor Barbara Holdcroft, PhD, has had many milestones to celebrate throughout her life. At the top of her list is being mother to son Kent and special-needs daughter Katie.

Barbara HoldcroftRaising Katie, now 28, inspired Dr. Holdcroft to write I'm Katie's Mom, a book she describes as a 79-page quick read filled with pointers and information she learned while raising her daughter.

"I want people who find out their child is disabled to not give up hope," says Dr. Holdcroft. "When I learned of Katie's disabilities, I looked everywhere for a book like I'm Katie's Mom."

Another thing that Dr. Holdcroft wants parents of special-needs children to know is that it is possible to find time for yourself and to accomplish your goals. "I realized I could still carve out time to read novels, teach, go cross country skiing and complete my doctorate," she says.

Accomplishing her goals has also shown Katie that she can set and complete goals of her own.

"Katie is an avid swimmer and skier and has competed in the Ohio Special Olympics for the last 12 years," says her proud mother. "She loves earning medals and will come home and wear them to church the next day."

When asked about her selection for the title, Dr. Holdcroft simply replies "that's how her friends define me, 'Katie's mom.' She is so happy and energetic that I just can't help but feel blessed to be just that – her mom."

I'm Katie's Mom is available for purchase at the People Called Women Bookstore, on Central Avenue in Cricket West Shopping Center or online through Amazon and Borders Books.