Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see yourself as a G.I. Joe or a Barbie® doll on the shelf at a toy store? Luke Ellison, a junior majoring in Fine Art and Studio Art, has had that experience.

In the Fall of 2004, Luke won a magazine contest sponsored by Hasbro, Inc. He was flown to the Hasbro headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, where his image was digitally scanned and reproduced in the form of a four-inch G.I. Joe.

"I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and do things no other fan has done," states the comic book lover. When he traveled to Hasbro's headquarters, he brought some of his artwork with him with the goal of marketing his skills to Hasbro. His efforts paid off and Luke is currently doing freelance artwork for Hasbro Marvel Comics figures.

Luke's creative spirit and energy have been transposed into many forms of artwork including murals, T-shirts and canvases to name a few. He does freelance work as an illustrator, designer and photographer in addition to his job at Castle Photo.

"As an artist, the first thing that inspires me is the hope that I help inspire others," says Luke. "As cheesy as that sounds, it is the main driving factor behind my career choice."

Lourdes logo sketchHis skills have also brought him success and lifelong recognition here at Lourdes College. Luke participated in the design contest for the college mascot and was chosen as the winner.

"I thought it was amazing," exclaims Luke. "I was very honored to be chosen." He said it was all made possible due to the support of his art instructors who encouraged him to participate in the contest and then helped him refine each sketch.

As he sees it, "I've always been more of an art geek than an athlete. This mascot is the closest item I'll have to a school trophy resting in the halls. The mascot I designed will remain at Lourdes and I'll always have the satisfaction of knowing I helped contribute to my school."

After graduation, Luke plans to continue his education and receive his master's degree in either Fine Art or Sequential Art. Until then, he plans on refining his artist portfolio and obtaining more freelance jobs.

A long term goal is to work in the publishing industry and his ultimate goal is to be mentioned in an art history book one day. "However, if that were to happen," he cautions, "It would be long after I'm gone. But that would be great none the less."